Sunday, October 3, 2010

Celebrating Halloween and Day of the Dead

I made this picture for a ghost story I just made up. Here it goes....

Once upon a time there was a ghost. He would always come to each and every house and say BOOOOOOOO! Then he saw a jack-o-lantern. One day a person was walking and then the ghost came to your house and then he came to our house, he came to everybody's house. The last house he came to didn't have anyone living there.

Suddenly, the door fell down and blue smoke came out. The ghost crawled inside the door and when he got inside he saw something covered up in a white cloth. He pulled the cloth and it fell down and a bunch of bats flew out of it.

The ghost got scared and turned around, then he ran out of the house and back into the forest as fast as he could. The bats chased him. They came to a playground and then there came a storm. The wind blew, leaves began to fall and all kinds of stuff fell. The swings began to move and the lights burned out, dead rats, mosquitos, scraps of paper, all of it came blowing through the air. The ghost ran back to the forest and went up a tree.


I have always liked to draw and tell stories. This picture of me was taken when I was five years old around Halloween. We went to a Day of the Dead Celebration and my mom and I drew pictures on the sidewalk about Grandad Jer. In Mexico people throw big parties on November 2nd and make altars and remember with candles, flowers and music the people they love.

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