Sunday, April 27, 2014

Iroquois Theatre

We have been talking about natural and man made disasters in school. In class we learned about the Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago on December 30, 1903. I wanted to draw this scene of the theatre before the fire swept through killing 602 people.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Drawings

Mapping from my memory
Unfinished watercolor of Frida after my visit to her home in Coyocan

Batman Shower Curtain

Nathaniel Blackwood
A scene from the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Michaelson. This is Cole's evil father who drinks too much and hit Cole with his belt. That's his mother Cindy crying.

This is Edwin from Touching Spirit Bear. When Cole is banished to an island in Southeast Alaska he learns to carve a totem. On the island he learns many lessons.

On the left we see an old barn burning and on the right it is a nice hotel so the same characters is rushing to save the grand piano. Crazy huh?
A surrealistic collage of a drawing with some of the themes from Spirit Bear.

Mythical Bearded Harpie with crazy hair.

In San Francisco I was studying a book I bought about Disney films at the Walt Disney Family Museum.
It was then that I noticed that Stromboli and Tony Mozzarella were either the same person or identical twins.
I think the original animator was having some fun with us.

I like the way my drawing on the back shows through to the front. It's almost like This bird is
the spirit of a wise bearded man with a mustache.