Monday, January 13, 2014

My Adventures in Mexico City

After my birthday we left San Miguel. But instead of going straight to San Diego we rented a hotel in Mexico City. It was the Hotel Milan in Roma. Our friend Edgar, who is a photographer took us to a breakfast place called Panaderia. The food was delicious and it felt like we were in Paris, France.
Afterwards we went to Frida Kahlo's Museum in Coyocan. It was a dream come true because last time we went there I was a small boy and didn't really get to enjoy it. This time I was 12 and saw many things.

She has a garden and we got to see her clothes. In the courtyard was a game where you could spin 3 rectangular cubes to change the dresses Frida was wearing. Inside we saw her braces and corsets because she was injured in a street car accident when she was just 18. One leg was shorter than the other and she was often in pain. She was a great artist and we saw her studio. She used gigantic paintbrushes and painted in her wheelchair. We also saw her bedroom that had a mirror on the ceiling of her four poster bed. She was married to Diego Rivera, the great Mexican muralist and painter. We saw many of her paintings as well as his paintings. Frida also built a puppet theatre and made all the puppets. Her kitchen was filled with large Mexican pottery and she used little ceramic cups to make a design on the wall of 2 birds holding a ribbon in their beaks.

Riding Eco Bikes in Roma, Mexico City

The buildings here look like France

See what I mean it is like Paris

French style is called Art Nouveau

Amazing breakfast place in Roma

Here is our friend Edgar at Panaderia

It is a very narrow place where you sit at the bar to eat good things

We had to get there at 7am when they open to get a seat because it is a small place and really good
They bake all this here and I had to look but not grab

See how they decorate my hot chocolate. Beautiful.

The round bread has an S on them like my name

This little dog can run really, really fast


David-this is a copy of a sculpture by Michelangelo

My Name

In front of Frida's blue house

It was my birthday wish to come here and I made it!

There is a Frida bus in Mexico City

This is me as Diego

Frida's crutches and corsets. She had a street car accident and had pain but painted to feel better

Using little pots she made 2 birds and a ribbon
Her Shoes were so cool
One foot was shorter from polio as a child

She wore great clothes

This is her kitchen and a guy with a red jacket

The actual paints of Frida Kahlo

She painted in her wheelchair and had really big brushes

There is a mirror below the top of her bed she used to paint herself and a calaca slept on top
Her puppet theater-she made the puppets

This woman is an actor who pretended to be Frida

I listened to her performance

Mom and I talked about her surrealism

Got to play this fun game of spinning cubes to change her clothes

Don Quixote

Tipping the Organ Grinder.
They are disappearing in Mexico and are so fantastic.

Skeleton woman on stilts

Touching Spirit Bear Drawings

In Ms. Jennifer's class we read the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen.
During Winter vacation I did lots of drawings and some of them I didn't finish. I wanted to show these that I created about Cole and the other characters. I made a whole bunch of drawings using software called Paper but these drawings were made the old fashioned way with pencil on paper.

Winter Break Artwork