Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter to Tim Burton

Dear Tim Burton,

I really like your movies. What I want to tell you is that your movie James and the Giant Peach is kind of different than the book by Roald Dahl. One thing you should do is add deleted scenes of some parts that are in the book but not in the movie.

Examples for deleted scenes: James and the bugs eating the peach before the shark comes. Seeing a ship after they escape from the shark. The lady-bug talking about the number of spots. The centipede singing a song about aunt Sponge and Spiker, till he loses his footing and falls into the cold Arctic water (which is when he comes to the ship-wreck and tries to get the compass). The centipede getting covered in paint, and having it washed off in the rain. Cloud-Men making hail stones, painting rainbows, making waterfalls, and doing all that Cloud-Man stuff. A plane breaking the seagulls free instead of the rhino. James' aunts not coming to New York.

As a special deleted scene for the very end: The old man grabs the last green thing and throws it into the peach-pit house, so it grows back to a Peach again.

What you can keep in the movie: The songs. Jack Skelington in the Pirate ship-wreck. James going to bed and having a dream. The grasshopper playing his violin. James and the spider looking for the centipede. James turning into an animated character as he goes into the peach. James turing back to his normal self as he lands on top of the Empire State Building. Thank you for listening to my ideas. Keep making great movies!


Santiago Lopez