Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some of my summer in Mexico drawings and adventures

Fantastic Fantasy Food

In case you have a child who’s a picky eater, here’s an idea of what you should do. What you should do is tell them that it’s not what it actually is, but instead trick them into thinking it’s a different food with a creative name, and it comes from a world of fantasy. They’ll get used to the flavor. That way, it’ll be an easy job for your child to eat their healthy meal. You won’t have to force them into eating it. Here are some examples of the ideas for what you should name the food:
Peas: Green Drops
Carrots: Orange Twiglets from Jupiter
Mashed potatoes: Fluffy Clouds
Mushrooms: Sliced Pixie Stools
Spaghetti: Unicorn Hair
Eggs yolks: Sunshine
Sausages: Vampire Fingers
Cauliflower: Snow Trees
Cabbage: Butterfly Wings from Saturn
Bananas: Yellow Moons
Oranges: Mermaid’s Circus Balls
Apples: Crunchy Balloons from Uranus
Salmon: Ocean Nibbles (tell your child that mermaids love them)
Cheese: Moon Slices
Rice: Snowflakes from Heaven
Tomatoes: Mars Squirts