Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer of Ten

This Summer I am ten and have been drawing, reading, telling stories, making movies and walking all over San Miguel de Allende. Mom asked me to pick 3 favorite drawings to share on my blog. The first one is of one of my favorite books this summer Tin Tin. I've got 10 Tin Tin books and I want to get them all! It is a picture from the Secret of the Unicorn. Herge is an author from France and he wrote books full of adventure and excitement. In this scene the captain has a sword in one hand and a hat from his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock who fought Red Rackham the pirate. Here he is acting out the spirit of his famous ancestor and Tin Tin looks shocked while his dog Snowy runs in fear of the captain's crazy dream.
The second drawing with the world map on the wall is from a favorite scene in the movie Christmas Story. Ralphie is giving the teacher a basket full of fruits because he wants here to help him get the gift of his dreams-a red rhyder range model air rifle.
My final drawing shows Belle dancing with the Beast and girls may like this one best because it is romantic and has a beautiful rose in it. I tried to do a good job with the lettering and it is a serif font.

Here are some photos that my family took this Summer so I could remember all the fun I've had.