Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dragon Issue

At Coronado beach, I saw a fearsome dragon, and with a hideous hiss, it breathed fire at me!

The dragon chased me to the top of a roof. There I found another one. Thankfully, I had my lucky shield and sword.

The dragon I fought on the roof grabbed me in its talons and soared all the way to the Arctic. A third dragon was there waiting for me, but I courageously slashed it.

After fighting the third dragon, a blue one appeared! It chased me all the way up to the top of a cliff, but I jumped in the air and cut off its head with my razor-sharp sword, just like Alice.

I had sleighed the first two dragons, but before long, there was a fifth.
It was the most evil dragon of all, but I cut out its heart and it fell off
the cliff to its' death! I had saved the day, "Hip! Hip! Hooray!''

P.S. This actually happened! Without using Photoshop. Aren't you


Mrs.Lau said...

Santiago: I was very shocked to see you combatting so many large and intimidating dragons. If I saw I dragon, I think I might try to hide. But you were brave and stood up to them in a very bold and skillful way. Wow! Once, when I was at Balboa Park, I saw and heard a dragon. It tried to find me by sniffing around, but it was blind and couldn't see me hiding behind a fallen tree. Have you ever seen the Balboa Park dragon? Have you ever smelled its foul breath?

Santiago Lopez said...

They have very stinky breath you are absolutely right.
I am going to look more closely in the park.

Mark said...

I'll be honest, if I came across a dragon I'd try to either negotiate or subdue it one way or another. Dragons are quite intelligent after all.