Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

On July 16, 2013, me and mom finished reading the book that my teacher Ms. Lau gave to me. It's called Esio Trot by: Roald Dahl, Danny's favorite author. Mr. Renner has never read that book, so we decided to let him read it. Esio Trot means tortoise backwards. The story was fabulous. It's about a man named Mr. Hoppy who lives alone on his balcony with his plants. He is in love with his neighbor Mrs. Silver, who lives on the balcony below his. But she is in love with her pet tortoise Alfie. With all her attention focused on Alfie, Mr. Hoppy wishes she'd marry him, but he is to shy to even ask her over for tea. So he comes up with an idea to get Mrs. Silver's attention on him. If his plan works, then she'll fall in love with him and they'll both live together.


Mrs.Lau said...

Santiago: I'm so glad you liked the book. I love it very much. Your name backwards is Zepol Ogaitnas. I like spelling things backwards sometimes. It's almost as fun as speaking English using Spanish pronunciation :) --Mrs. Lau

Candice López said...

knahT uoy .srM uaL rof tahw uoy evah nettirw ot em.

I just started to write my first haunted fairy tale named Skelerella and I hope you like it.