Saturday, May 14, 2011

Louise Nevelson

Here is a sketch I made of what I built for Art Night this year. Our art teacher Miss Bell told the third graders we each needed to make a piece of art in the style of Louise Nevelson.

She was a very famous artist who was born in Russia and lived in New York where she made amazing sculptures called assemblages. That means she liked to find things lying around and put them together. They call this found objects and I decided to try putting them together with my Dad. My very good friend Danny Renner likes found objects and he gave me some pieces of wood and other cool things to use when I asked him to help. I also put some of my shell collection into the old suitcase too.

Here is the piece we made and I like it. It was very exciting for me because I got to wear safety goggles and use a saw for the first time to cut pieces of wood. You have to try to make things fit into the spaces and that gets tricky. I used an old suitcase to build my collage in so you can close it when you take it to school and then open it up so your friends can take a look. It was really fun!

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