Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to learn Spanish

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A great thing to draw is Loteria Cards and I like the pictures so much. I am happy when my friends and their families come to visit me at our home in Mexico. I feel lucky because I speak Spanish. My grandmother whispered it in my ear when I was very small. I listened carefully to her words and now that I am 8 years old I can talk to people in my town like the man who leads the donkeys down the hill in front of our house or the taxi guys who drive green cabs. I can order ice cream and my favorite flavor is guanabana and that is a hard word to say but not for me because I practice.

The first thing I like to do when a family visits us is break out the Loteria cards and it is a fun way to learn Spanish. There are all these great pictures and it is like bingo but instead you shout out ¡Loteria! We use frijole beans to mark the ones we get like El Alacran and La Campaña. I did this drawing so you will know what it is like. There is a very great artist and friend named Beth Krommes. She sent me scratch magic paper that is really fun to use so I could practice art that is a little bit like what she does. Thank you Beth. She made a beautiful book called The House in the Night that won the Caldecott Medal because it is super amazing. I sent her one of my Loteria drawings because she is really special and I'm so glad she liked it.

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