Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer 2009 Drawings

Here are some drawings I made at my home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this summer. While I am here I like to go to the hot springs, read, ride my scooter in the park, eat ice cream in the zocalo and give names to all the bugs and butterflies I meet. I made some drawings of a favorite movie called Night at the Museum-there is Larry with his flashlight and the cavemen when they accidentally set a fire. There is a Mexican church and favorite stories like Goose. Most of them are from my imagination like the junkyard with the cello that can be fixed, kid plugging into the sun and man meeting the mermaid.

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Andy said...

Hi Santi,
I really miss you at Junior Theatre. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Mexico. By the looks of your pictures and drawings it looks to me like you're having tons of fun. My favorite picture is the one of you and your mommy sitting in front of the lake. My favorite drawing is the one of the mermaid. I love mermaids. I have a stuffed mermaid that I keep on my pillow. I look forward to seeing you again in the fall. I'm going to teach Disney Drama on Tuesday afternoons. Maybe I'll see you there.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Miss Andy=)